I’m an artist. You might already know that. But I’m also a graphic designer and self-proclaimed web ninja. As more and more people were using my site as a means to contact me (duh, I know) it became clear that not everyone was searching for my art.


Interesting predicament…


As a web ninja, I understand why it’s important to focus on one niche. Google pays attention. A multi-niche blog is hard to rank as the keywords are diluted and Google might get confused about the site’s topic. That’s true, but personal branding threw me a few curves.


16821448686_7346aa4abd_zI spend a lot of time on the Internet. You can find me on most Social Media networks as Pam Renovato. I have a lot of passions and run multiple web sites, most with different topics. But I do make myself known on each site as…Pam Renovato.


Art is my first love, but I have many passions. I’ve been approached on this site for art commissions but also for WordPress development, graphic design, and other things. So, how do I operate a personal site that allows you to get to know who I am without getting lost in your purpose for connecting with me?


That’s a good question.


As I’ve already said, I have a few sites, all revolving around their own niche. Example: my art can be viewed here: Art Evolved but on Rock N Roll Creative I cover my obsession with rock music. If I have a site for each of my passions, what’s the purpose of my personal site?


Personal Branding, of course.


I decided to throw everything I know about niches to the wind and give you an opportunity to “know” me. I cover a lot of things on this blog. All them are me. My loves. My voice. My thoughts. My personality. My business. My life.


Will I tank in the search engines? Possibly. But past what I know about Internet Marketing, SEO, and Social media I also know that there’s one thing more important than all of those things. Real human interaction.




See my art. Learn from my marketing experience. Enjoy my love of technology. Find out what I think about my favorite movies. Read my rants. But most importantly, get to know me.


Let me introduce myself:


My name is Pam. I’m an artist. I love my computer, music, sci-fi, and all things creative and geeky. Let’s see where we end up. Connect with me. I’d love to hear from you.



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