After reading an article in the newspaper about the closing of a local gallery, I am reminded of years past.  Through out my history as an artist, I have spent a lot of time perusing in various gallery settings. What I have learned in that time about art has been extremely beneficial to my personal artistic goals.

One of these situations that stands out is a local gallery that I worked in for a short time. What I learned from this gallery owner has carried over into my own art sales and other exhibits (both as curator and exhibiting artist). In my life as an artist I can’t recall ever learning as much as I did in the short time I worked in this gallery.

The gallery owner I am referring to was the biggest catalyst in helping me to begin painting after so many years of no longer being able. We were friends for a time until my code of ethics and her group of ambitions collided. (That’s a nice way of putting it) In this situation business and friendship didn’t mix; or rather “All is fair in love and war”. That statement is not a business practice I will ever adopt.

Furthermore, as I have spent so much time building websites and promoting events of other artists and art galleries I have taken great part in development of these careers. But as much as I may have helped, ultimately each person is responsible for whatever success they have achieved and for me to stake claim in developing those careers; to say that I was responsible for them would be a vanity move and incorrect. It would be classier to say I felt fortunate to have been a vehicle to helping those careers rise.

Sometimes galleries fail because you give up on them and no longer wish to keep them alive. It isn’t the neighborhood. Aside from learning what to do in the art world from this person, I also learned what not to do. That information has also been very valuable in building my own career.

Although I will always be grateful to this individual I understand why things work out the way they do. My future is heading where it should. I belong to growing galleries and my future is bright.

Good luck to her in all her endeavors.

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