This is one of the first fractals I ever created. Every so often I go through my files and get a fresh look at images that have not been rendered yet. Sometimes I find things to change and other times I simply decide the image doesn’t work at all.

My biggest reason for doing this is because I am hoping to find value in an image that I don;t initially feel a fondness for. SOme of my work I love immediately, but some I am not as sure of.

I like to show the images to a friend later to get an unbiased critique before deciding to keep or dump the image.

What appeals most to me about Blue Pexus is the sharpness of the shapes and richness of the color. I liked this one immediately and would like to share it with the world.

This fractal has only one layer with a render time of 22 hrs 36 min. Created in Ultra Fractal the full size is 36c48 and is available on archival matte paper and stretched canvas with a gallery wrap. (art is stretched over the stretcher bars with no visible staples or white area)

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