As an artist there is one question that has remained constant. “How long have you been drawing?” My answer is always the same. I don’t know. The truth is – I don’t know how long I have been drawing. I only know that I always have.


I haven’t always been a computer geek. I began as a painter. I chose Graphic Design and Illustration as my college major for the illustration side. But the graphic design end forced a computer into my hands. It was at K-state that I touched on web design/development, animation and digital imaging. I continued that on my own. I realized that I enjoyed it just as much as painting or drawing. In fact it provided a much needed balance. It was from that balance that Digital Fine Art became my chosen medium.


I have dabbled in many art mediums including print making, ceramics, sculpture, and of course painting. I was most comfortable in 2 dimensional painting and drawing mediums. Most of my works were created in oil, watercolor, graphite, and pastel. But after suffering a traumatic theft that involved my entire body of work including drawings, paintings, portfolios, and thousands of dollars worth of art supplies I was left with only memories of things I had once created. No longer able to paint as such a huge part of my life had been taken away from me I felt as if my career as an artist was over.  I turned my full attention to web design and development.


Although I was no longer creating art I repeatedly found myself attracted to artistic settings in one form or another. Wanting to be a part of the art world but no longer being able to create art, I began to revert back to the animation and design programs that I learned years earlier. I became aware of the large file output capabilities of these programs and the art work once again came pouring out. After dabbling in so many art styles- I have finally found my medium.  My computer provides me with artistic possibilities that are almost limitless. Art with out limits. It allows me to be both analytical and creative. Right brained and left brained.


I have worked in many different gallery settings as curator, art director, or manager, and served on selection committees in art centers and commercial art galleries in Topeka, Junction City, Manhattan, and El Paso, Texas. I have served as teaching faculty for children at The Manhattan Arts Center, Franklin Elementary School in Junction City, KS and assisted an organization called “Kreative Kids” that brought art programs to inner city kids in the Lower Valley of El Paso, Texas.


Currently, I work for myself as a webmaster and developer. I maintain, develop, monitor or consult upon numerous artist and gallery websites around the country and in the Kansas area. I work very closely with them to assist in artistic direction and promotion.


I no longer get as dirty as I was once did, but I always make the time to work in my 5 pound art studio.  My computer and a cup of coffee are my most used art supplies.

Pam Renovato


Artist Statement

Each image I create is about unexplored territory, an earnest attempt at finding solutions to impossible situations; a search for truth. I am motivated by a need to learn what I don’t know to bring clarity to what I do not understand. Every piece is about examining possibilities because I believe that what you do not see is infinitely more important than what you do see.


I choose a computer as my medium because there is no greater tool for exploration. It provides a balance between creativity and analytical thinking.  A perfect marriage between art and science it is the truest form of art without limits. At first glance my images may seem to be very different. But whether I explore complex mathematical calculations to find a simple composition or use simple color and shape to create an impossible composition, each image is built upon ideas and experiences I have filed away; waiting for their second chance to become what they were meant to be.


This stems from my refusal to accept the world the way that it is; my inability to find acceptance without understanding. These attitudes do not just dominate my art. They are reflected in the music I listen to, the books I read, the television I watch, and the company that I keep. This perpetuates ideas and experiences to analyze as well as create further ideals to explore, wrongs to right, and impossibilities to make possible.